South London ‘roids

The first thing that I should get out of the way is this — I love my iPhone. It may have many faults, and I find myself cursing Apple frequently for their lack of trust in their own users, but fundamentally the iPhone is a cool piece of kit. What is not cool, though, is the camera. When the 3GS was launched the camera was lauded as “revolutionary” by some pundits. Ridiculous — it’s a low quality camera which benefits from being utilised by very good applications — and this is where its strength lies.

So in the spirit of experimentation I’ve been playing to these strengths, and my favourite application by far is ShakeItPhoto, an instant photo application which does a pretty good job of getting it right, right down to the sound of the photo being ejected from the camera. Here are some examples, all taken as I wander around south London.






I’ve become a little addicted to taking ‘roids with my iPhone, and when I’m not using my Lumix LX3 for “serious” images, I take a break and have some fun with the iPhone. I love the square format, the over-saturated colours and the lack of sophistication, perfect for these kinds of photographs. Great fun.