The following pages document some of my written pieces over the last 20 years — starting with the journal I wrote on my trip to Morocco in 1997 with my friend and co-conspirator, Jo. My first major travelling event beyond European soil, we took almost four weeks to make our way from the intensity of post-Interzone Tangier to the mountain-top calm of Imlil and the High Atlas, and on to the beautiful mayhem of Marrakech. The interludes were amazingly entertaining, the various characters became bit-part players in a Beat-inspired desert road-show, and the memories will live with me forever. Screaming through the desert in a beaten-up Merc taxi, windows down to feel the wind in our faces and the cool of the Atlas mountains, Édith Piaf giving it her all on the stereo as the sun dipped low and gasped its last for the day. Wonderful…

Morocco Journal 1997