I love playing with new toys — I got myself a Lumix LX3 last week and have spent the last few days learning just what I can do with it. It’s a lovely piece of kit with a beautifully fast and sharp Leica f2.0 lens that’s perfect for popping in your pocket for those random moments.

I’m loving the black and white modes and most of my shots have involved playing around with them. Here are a couple of shots of my friends Pete and Chris taken at lunch yesterday — the camera has picked up a wonderful range of textures and tones. The colour modes are great too and there’s a wealth of settings and customisations, I’ll be experimenting with this for long time, it’s such a pleasure to use. It even shoots in RAW.

I’ve been really enjoying getting back into photography — it’s been very inspiring and I’m starting to get a real kick out of it. I love working with my Nikon D80 but I can’t take it everywhere as it’s just too bulky and heavy. That’s where my LX3 comes in — I can take it everywhere with me and I hardly even notice it’s there.

It’ll be perfect for my upcoming rail trip to Marrakech in March.