West Coast goodness

I been spending more and more time exploring the incredibly vibrant West Coast design scene by way of the excellent magazine Giant Robot, which I highly recommend.

Giant Robot

In between articles about shave ice and donuts are nested juicy interviews with artists, illustrators and designers such as Adrian Tomine and Feric.

Adrian Tomine

When I can’t get hold of GR (I’ve only managed to find it at the ICA Bookshop and Forbidden Planet, but there must be other stockists) I content myself with the equally delicious Juxtapoz magazine. Another lovely collection of creative goodness, it introduced me to the work of Dada-influenced Eduardo Recife.


By way of Justin Gorman I came across the collaborations he’s done with Caleb Freese. Justin’s photography finds some excellent forms and Caleb’s prints have a real edge to them. There’s just so much to inspire in their output, these guys are incredibly prolific.

Squad Up

So much to see and so little time to soak it all up, I’d better get on with it…