Bocadillos and mohitos

My second day in Barcelona started with a coffee at the Santa Caterina food market again as Rodko was closed (it has the oddest opening times) — I decided to have some breakfast here as well, which led to some interesting Catalan to Spanish to English translation. I ended up with a Ham and Cheese bocadillo, delicious although I’m pretty much bocadillo‑d out now as they seem to be the primary food group here.

Not sure what's going on here...

The night before became a slow bar crawl around first the Raval, then over to the Born to finish off. I was pretty tired so climbed into bed reasonably early, about midnight, for a lovely long sleep. I could certainly get used to very drinkable glasses of red wine for 2€ a time.

A bar is Born

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day — the temperature hit 20° and the local population were out in force. After a visit to the Picasso Museum in the morning, I decided to find one of the beaches to the north of the city and enjoy the weather in style — the beaches aren’t the nicest in the world but after a long and grey London winter I was in heaven. I kicked of my shoes, threw off my shirt and went for a paddle in the Med. Lovely! The sea was as calm as a millpond, and all I could hear was the gentle lapping of the water on the shore.

Juan Muñoz

Heading back to the city I passed this Juan Muñoz sculpture, caged and set in the middle of a large open area near the beach — it was nice to see his work out of the gallery. I wandered back and checked into the hotel, before heading out again for some lunch and a wander over to Raval to check out another exhibit. Over by the MACBA I couldn’t resist joining the locals for some late afternoon sun, sitting against the wall with a café con leche and a book.

Catching the sun in Raval

From MACBA it was a wander through the back streets of Raval to the base of Montjuic — I couldn’t find the railway so I walked up the hill to get what is apparently the best view of the city. Unfortunately as I reached the top a huge bank of fog rolled in from the sea and, although I could still see a lot, obscured the view of the harbour. It was still a great view, but I realised I preferred the hustle and bustle of the narrow city streets and headed back to the madness.

A foggy Barcelona vista

I must have walked 10 miles today! My legs finally started to ache and I headed back to the hotel and then out into the city for some food and drink. I watched the France v England rugby in an Irish pub in Raval where I met an interesting man call José, a Dutch guy who’d moved here a year ago and wanted to know the rules of rugby. Friendly but a little strange, I stole one of his really strong cigarettes and talked about Barca locals. From there I headed back to Born to a cute little bar where an Italian barman made me some wicked mohitos and we chatted about which city made the best cocktails.

Some excellent street art

I hardly remember going to bed, I passed out happy and exhausted in my giant king size bed.